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1. What tools do you have?



2. Where are they located?



3. Who uses your tools?



4. Are they safe to use?

The software tracks the users, locations, contractual and inventory details of company tools. Once a tool is made available, records all its deployability, user and status changes.  The complementary mobile inspection app enables you to perform tool inspections right until their retirement.

As a one stop shopping provider, Animco provides, in addition to the software, GPS trackers for non-powered tools, rugged tablets and smartphones, 4347133229 and a labeling service.

Main features

Centralized tool management

View all your tools, their parts and their specifics, including status and documents in a central software

Tool in/out management

View the tool stock situation and the respective users including in/out history and repoprting

Tool inspection management

Enforce tool usage policies and regulatory requirements with the built-in audit module and inspection app

Tool location tracking

View the location of each tool at the touch of a button. We achieve this by harvesting the power of our IoT tracking devices and the results of tool inspections  

Application highlights

a few screen examples

Feature details

Store all information within a single system. Access tool and user information by a click of a button and keep records up to date by linking the tool repository with the complementary mobile inspection app. Upload relevant electronic files and step into the paperless office world.

Create inspection checklists based on tool specific questions, set schedules and perform mobile inspections. The mobile audit app offers the flexibility to perform inspections in the field at virtually any location. The inspection information is automatically added to the asset file, creating an up-to-date audit trail. Click (770) 558-9047to read more

Manage tool user changes. Register when someone receives a tool and when it was returned. Ideal to monitor actual stock conditions. Read more here.

Each tool inspection report contains location information which is made visible on a map in the software suite. If you want to monitor tool locations independently from the inspections, attach our IoT 208-320-3152 for non-powered tools which will autonomously send through their location information

Use the dashboard to spot anomalies and trends. Export data at the touch of a button. More details here.


Check out our movement detection solution for oldtimers.
No installation required. 

User stories

Learn how these companies use



ConsultPro uses to keep track who received a laptop and a mobile phone. The reports are used  by their Payroll department to calculate Benefit in Kind taxes.



RentPro uses and the autonomous GPS trackers to track of all the tools that have rented out, the tools in storage and the ones on order or in repair. 



BuildPro construction company  utilizes to manage its scaffolding and associated mandatory security audits as instructed by their ISO certificate.


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